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AquaPure PE-RT Tubing

Legend is committed to offering our customers innovative products with features and benefits that improve the efficiencies and performance of the plumbing and hydronic system they demand. This is why Legend is now manufacturing AquaPure® PE-RT, Polyethylene Raised Temperature tubing. AquaPure tubing is Strong, Workable, and Pure – the first flexible plastic hot and cold potable water tube that is 100% recyclable.

AquaPure is:

Strong and tough, exceeding the requirements of Level 5 Chlorine testing. Because of this strength and toughness. Legend warranties AquaPure tube for 100 years.

Workable, easy to install because of its’ great bend radius, lays flat, and is compatible with most types of fitting systems. AquaPure PE-RT can be installed using the same established guidelines for PEX.

Pure, no chemical additives or additional processes are necessary, thus it is tasteless and odorless. AquaPure is 100% recyclable and can be fused.

AquaPure is made using the most current bimodal resin, which is the first polyethylene that does not need to be cross-linked and still meets and exceeds the rigorous standards for potable water in Canada and the United States. (NSF certified in both countries)

Legend uses HyperTherm™ Resin manufactured by The Dow Chemical Company. Bimodal Polyethylene Technology is a two-reaction process that maximizes the creation of “tie chains” by combining long chains at high molecular weight (strength) with optimal placement of short chains for lower density (flexibility).

Strong, Workable, and Pure. To learn more about AquaPure PE-RT tubing for potable water systems, please contact us.