Consolidated Price List - page 3

Effective Date:
June 28, 2016
Phone: 800-752-2082
Guaranteed Performance
Every order is processed in 24 hours or 5% off
the order; 100% line item fill rate or 5% off
the backorder; 100% line item order
accuracy or 5% off the error; the Legendary
5/25 product warranty; no minimum order; no
case pack quantity requirement; and material
may be returned with no re-stocking fees.
Legendary Customer Service
You will always talk to a human, no voice mail
or automated assistance. Trained customer
service representatives to support you
and your business striving to achieve 100%
problem resolution in one call.
Expert Engineering
A fully-functioning and staffed laboratory
for product development and design; quality
assurance; and product testing assuring you
and your customers the best quality products.
On Demand Technical Support
Degreed engineers, master plumbers and
technical advisers with decades of PVF and
hydronic experience are on demand to support
your business.
Comprehensive Training
Expert staff as course instructors for
distributor and contractor training classes
scheduled throughout the year.
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