How to repair the T-550

Here are step-by-step instructions for replacing your T-550 stem and cartridge:

Step 1:

Determine which T-550 model you have to ensure you order the correct replacement parts.

There are TWO ways to do this (A or B).

A-bullet Look at the identification disc located on the handle as shown.  If a size appears on your handle, note the handle color (Brown or Black) and determine your part number using the chart below.

identification disc

  Handle Color
Size Brown Black
4" 108-904RVTV 108-904A
6" 108-906RVTV 108-906A
8" 108-908RVTV 108-908A
10" 108-910RVTV 108-910A
12" 108-912RVTV 108-912A
14" 108-914RVTV  108-914A

You can order your replacement part from a selection of the online retailers that follow:

Patriot Supply logo blastline industries logo 
amazon logo   complete-plumbing-source logo
 Zoro logo

Once your replacement part arrives, proceed to Step 2.

B-bullet If a size does NOT appear on your handle, you will have to remove the stem assembly and measure it to ensure you get the proper replacement stem.  Follow Steps 2 - 4 below...

Step 2:

Turn off the water supply.  If you do not know how, please contact a licensed plumber.


Step 3:

Remove the stem assembly from the body of the T-550:

Black Handle

Brown Handle

Step 4:

(skip this step if you already have your replacement stem assembly)

Measure the FULL LENGTH of the assembly as shown and note the number of o-rings on the cartridge at the end of the stem, opposite the handle.

measuring the stem

Visually identify the cartridge you have and use the corresponding chart to determine the replacement part number.

T-550A cartridge (1) O-ring, (2) Tabs

T-550A cartridge

Measurement Part Number
8-1/2" 108-904A
10-1/2" 108-906A
12-1/2" 108-908A
14-1/2" 108-910A
16-1/2" 108-912A
18-1/2" 108-914A

 T-550RVTV cartridge

Measurement Part Number
8" 108-904RVTV
10" 108-906RVTV
12" 108-908RVTV
14" 108-910RVTV
16" 108-912RVTV
18" 108-914RVTV
T-550 cartridge (2) O-rings, No Tabs

 T-550AR cartridge

Measurement Part Number
8-1/2" 108-904AR
10-1/2" 108-906AR
12-1/2" 108-908AR
14-1/2" 108-910AR
16-1/2" 108-912AR
18-1/2" 108-914AR

You can now order your part from a selection of online retailers below:

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amazon logo   complete-plumbing-source logo
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Step 5:

Remove the handle from the old stem and place it onto the replacement stem.

Step 6:

Insert the stem assembly into the body

Step 7:

Turn on the water to check for leaks.