State of the Art Solar Pumping Station

The space and labor saving SP-20 SunStation™ Pump System is a complete preassembled solution with maximum operational reliability, amazing compactness.

The “heart” of any solar thermal heating system is its pump system and SunStation's compact, lightweight design makes it easy to install and maintain. Proven for many years in European applications, the cost-effective SunStation™ Solar Pump includes; flow gauge, fill and purge valves, circulator, balancing valve, supply and return isolation valves with built-in check, manual air vent, supply and return temperature gauges, pressure gauge and pressure relief valve with drain port. The insulation shell ensures effective thermal insulation, while easily maintaining full access to the SunStation's components and a full view of its gauges.

Key Features:
  • 3-speed circulation pump
  • Isolation valves with integrated thermometers and check valves
  • 2 piece insulation shell provides easy access
  • Built-in flow meter and balancing valve
  • Pressure gauge and pressure relief valve with drain port and connection for expansion tank
  • Fill and purge valves
  • SP-20 Electronic Control Unit (ordered separately)