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Current Pricing - Effective January 11, 2019 - Valves & Fittings, Hydronics, HyperPure®

Black and Galvanized Pipe Nipples

Current Pricing - Effective October 8, 2018

Bronze Fittings and Nipples

Current Pricing - Effective October 8, 2018

Cast Pressure Fitting

Current Pricing - Effective May 15, 2018

Copper Press Fittings

Current Pricing - Effective October 22, 2018

Insert Fittings and Tank Tees

Current Pricing - Effective October 8, 2018

LegendFlex Supplement Sheet

Current Pricing - Effective January, 2018
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Malleable Pipe Fittings

Current Pricing - Effective October 8, 2018

Merchant Couplings

Current Pricing - Effective January 2, 2018

No Hub Couplings

Current Pricing - Effective February 02, 2019

PEX Fittings (F1807, F2159, & F1960)

Current Pricing - Effective October 8, 2018

Pressure Reducing Valves

Current Pricing - Effective June 15, 2018

Push Fit Fittings

Current Pricing - Effective October 8, 2018

SmartClick™ Price Sheet

Current Pricing - Effective July 5, 2017

Stainless Steel Fittings & Nipples

Current Pricing - Effective October 8, 2018

Thermostatic Mixing Valve 

Current Pricing - Effective February 19, 2018

Water Service Products

Current Pricing - Effective June 25, 2018

Wrot Copper

Current Pricing - Effective October 22, 2018

New Pricing - Effective April 15, 2019
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December 5, 2018

To Our Valued Customers:

Reference: Section 301 Tariff postponement

On September 24, 2018 the U.S. Commerce Department announced a 25% tariff on $200 Billion worth of specified Chinese goods under section 301. Unexpectedly, the Commerce Department then decided to use a two-pronged approach and ultimately initiated a 10% tariff while delaying the balance of 15% in a second phase scheduled to be implemented on January 1, 2019. This would bring the total to the originally announced 25%. Legend passed the original 10% tariffs on October 8, 2018. On November 29, 2018 Legend announced a 15% price increase to be effective on January 11, 2019 reflecting this new proposed increase in tariffs in addition to a modest raw material and labor increase on very limited scope of products (in the range of 3%-5%).

This past weekend at the G20 Summit in Argentina, Presidents Trump and Xi Jinping negotiated a compromise resulting in a 90-day delay in the implementation of this next phase of Tariffs. During this time, the two sides will try to break the impasse and finalize a mutually agreeable trade pact. While this is good news, the situation is not yet resolved. However, as a result, Legend will postpone the 15% tariff increase until further notice. However, we must pass on the 3%-5% increase on the following products effective on January 11, 2019:

Product SectorIncrease
*T/S-1001, T-805, T-806, T-457, T/S-459, T-443, R-674, T-537, T-540, R-670, R-673, R-671, R-672, T-3000, T-3001, T-1004, P-200, P-201, T-900 MXF, T-800T, T-810, T/S-1100, T-70, T-3200, T-3201, T-3500 (in both standard and no lead alloys) 3%
*Select Hydronic components3%
Brass Manifolds5%

The new list prices for the affected sku's will be available for download at www.legendvalve.com no later than mid-December. Please call 1-800-752-2082 for any questions, a human being will answer your call and they'll be happy to assist you!

Thank you very much for your support of Legend.

Jeff Shreiner
VP Sales
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