Legendary Product Showcase

M-8330 Stainless Steel Manifold Series

Designed and rigorously tested for use in hydronic heating and cooling systems the M-8330 stainless steel manifold series includes in three models. Every premium quality supply header has built-in flow meters that optimize media movement to specified locations. The return headers have easy to actuate circuit isolation valves. All assembled parts have superior EPDM O-rings and seals. Each manifold is loosely pre-assembled for immediate mounting at the job site. M-8330P Stainless Steel Pro with automatic air vent and fill & purge adapter, supply & return isolation valves, each with thermometer. 1” Supply and return header. M-8330AP Stainless Steel Pro with automatic air vent and fill & purge adapter, supply & return isolation valves, each with thermometer. 1” supply and return header. M-8330P Stainless Steel Basic Manifold with supply & return isolation valves, each with thermometer.


The LegendConnect™ system is the ultimate in flexibility and convenience. Our series of connectors are interchangeable with the T-88 Air & Dirt Separator, HS-808 Hydraulic Separator and LMV-3 Three-Way Mixing Valve. These products for the mechanical room simplify design, reduce required piping, and improve system efficiency. A distributor can stock any combination of these products and offer a selection of options for connecting them to the piping system, while reducing their inventory. A contractor can have one product on his truck or in his shop and then select the connector that best fits the job.

T/S 2102NL No Lead Forged Brass Full Port Ball Valve with Drain

The T/S-2102NL is ideal for maintenance and freeze protection. The valve isolates a branch or end point device from the rest of the plumbing system so it can be drained and serviced without turning off the water supply.

The EPDM O-ring and PTFE packing gland stem assures reliable and smoother operation, requiring less torque to operate. The binary brass is both no lead and dezincification resistant assuring a long life even in applications where more aggressive water is present. It is third party certified ANSI/NSF 61G, UPC-IAPMO.

The handle is zinc-plated steel for additional corrosion resistance. The valve is offered in FNPT x FNPT and Solder x Solder configurations, ½” through 1”.

New Quarter Turn Sillcocks T-547, T-548 and T-549

Legend has just introduced a series of new quarter turn commercial sillcocks equipped with an integral vacuum breaker (ASSE 1011): the T-541 rough brass, T-548 satin finished brass, and T-549 chrome-plated brass commercial sillcocks. The valves are ideal for high frequency use in residential and commercial applications.

The T-547, T-548 and T-549 are actual ball valves; therefore they are easier to actuate, have improved flow and greater longevity than traditional multi-turn sillcocks. The large cast brass body has an oversized flange. The chrome-plated forged brass ball has two PTFE seats that assure long wear and easy turning.

Included with each model is the Soft-Touch™ thermoplastic rubber (TPR) coated cast aluminium handle which won’t crack or dis-color and is very durable. A loose key is also included to be used in those applications when the handle is removed. The lockshield protects the valve from tampering.

The models are included with an integral vacuum breaker and are then compliant to ASSE 1011 and are IAPMO and CSA B64.2.2 listed. They conform to ANSI/ASME 1.20.1 and 1.20.7, and have a cold working pressure of 125PSI. All three models were featured on the April 15, 2015 new product price list, (LT-NP041515). Since then, we are gaining distribution and greater customer interest. Even though it is a quarter turn valve, the T-547, T-548, and T-549 are priced to compete with the traditional multi-turn commercial sillcocks. Check with your Legend Sales Manager to learn about the successes we are achieving at several customers throughout the country.

T-552 and T-552NL

Legend has a comprehensive offering of frostfree sillcocks, that include the established T-552 Multi-Turn with an integrated anti-siphon vacuum breaker. The valve has an internal check valve and it is ASSE 1019-A certified. The T-552 has a cold water working pressure of 125 psi, IAPMO certified, and see the link for the submittal document with all of the specifications listed. The T-552 model series have a large aluminum cast handle that is rugged, durable yet easy to turn. The chrome plated cast brass body and tube is very durable.

More recently, Legend expanded this model series with No Lead versions, which are third party certified ANSI/NSF 61G. The models and configurations include:

T-552 ½” MNPT/Sweat Combo Inlet, 4” to 14”;
T-552NL No Lead Brass ½” MNPT/Sweat Combo Inlet, 4” to 14”;
T-552 3/4” MNPT/FNPT Combo Inlet, 8” to 12”;
T-552NL No Lead Brass 3/4” MNPT/Sweat Combo Inlet , 8” to 12”;
T-552P ½” PEX Inlet, 4” to 14”; and
T-552PNL No Lead Brass ½” PEX Inlet, 4” to 14”

Each valve is individually bagged with a plastic tapered sill wedge and instruction sheet. For more information and pricing, see the attached links.

Legend No Lead / DZR Forged Brass PEX Fittings

This month Legend has expanded the offering of No Lead PEX fittings with the addition of larger sizes as well as new and unique configured products. Specifically, a drop ear tee and an ASTM F1960 3 hole drop ear elbow have also been added. The Legend PEX fitting line now has 17 configurations and sizes ranging from 3/8” to 2”.

All of the fittings are forged brass, meeting both no lead and DZR (dezincification resistance) standards and are third party certified ANSI/NSF 61 and ANSI/NSF 14. Legend engineering works closely with Legend factory partners in the development of the alloys as well as the products currently being sold by Legend. This engineering intellect allowed Legend to be on the forefront of the national conversion to no lead plumbing products.

The Legend crimp rings and stainless steel clamp rings for connecting PEX tubing to ASTM F1807 fittings are now available from 3/8” to 2” and 3/8” to 1” sizes, respectively. Legend allows offers a comprehensive assortment of plastic PEX fittings.

Legend Turn-N-Loc™ & Mini-Loc™ Push-to-Connect Valves and Fittings

The Turn-N-Loc™ valves and fittings are a releasable push-to-connect fitting system that has a patented locking nut making the fitting permanent. The polypropylene valves and fittings meet typical plumbing and heating pressure and temperature requirements. The stainless steel grip ring can be engaged to release without a tool whenever necessary. An insert stiffener is pre-installed for any PEX tubing applications and can be easily removed when used on either copper or CPVC tubing. The fittings are offered in various configurations, including MNPT and FNPT adapters, and in sizes 3/8” to 1”. The valves are in sizes 3/8” to 1”.

Mini-Loc™ valves and fittings are available in ¼”, 5/16” and 3/8” sizes. These are ideal for ice maker and water filter installations. The acetal copolymer resin fitting is removable and available in several configurations. The valves include: angle push x FNPT, straight push x MNPT; and push x push. Both Turn-N-Loc™ and Mini-Loc™ are third party certified, IAPMO, ANSI/NSF 61.

Legend Insta-Loc II™ Ball Valves and Fittings

Legend Insta-Loc II™ Ball Valves and Fittings are constructed of No Lead and DZR (dezincification resistant) forged brass (binary brass) and are third party certified ANSI/NSF 61-G, ANSI/NSF 14 and ASSE 1061. The fittings easily push onto copper, CPVC or PEX (insert stiffener is included) and can be release using the disconnect tool. The fittings (eleven different configurations) and valves are offered in sizes ½” through 1”. The ball valves include the P-2200NL Push to Fit x Push to Fit; the P-2200NL Drop Ear Ball Valve which is ideal for stabilizing PEX tubing and affixing CPVC and copper tubing onto a frame or structure; and the P-2200NL, Push to Fit x FNPT configuration which is ideal for connecting PEX, CPVC or copper to a fixture, a piece of equipment or to transition to pipe.

Legend's Mini Ball Valves

Mini-ball valves are commonly used to isolate gauges and as testing ports in a potable water piping system; such as, those used in a back flow assembly for a commercial building. They are also used in process piping systems for a variety of applications. Legend mini-ball valves are constructed of traditional brass, no lead brass and stainless steel. Each model is manufactured in an ISO certified facility, with 100% pressure testing. Nearly every plumbing distributor stocks these type of valves. Over the years, T-900 series has been extremely successful being that it is regularly used in potable water applications. All T-900 models are also offered as no lead versions, constructed of no lead forging brass alloy.

The models included are: T-900MxF; T-900MxFNL, T-900MxF-T, T-900MxF-TNL, T-810,T-810T, T-810TNL, T-801NL, T-710T, and T-710MxF-T.

The Legend T-2008NL

Legend has the most expansive offering of compact & durable full port PEX ball valves. The T-2008NL has two drop ears on the body that allow it to be fastened onto a frame or structure, providing a point of stability for the PEX tubing in a potable water system. The extra mounting points reduces the possibility of noise caused by the movement of PEX tubing while providing isolation points in the piping system. The PEX ends meet ASTM F1807.

Legend now offers the T-2008NL in ½”, ¾” and 1” sizes.

The Legend T-1960NL

The Legend T-1960NL PEX x PEX ball valve has ASTM F1960 cold expansion PEX ends for piping systems utilizing PEXa tubing. The T-1960NL is now available for immediate shipping in sizes ½”, ¾”, and 1”.

All Legend PEX ball valves feature the dual O-ring stem design that requires no packing nut removing the potential for call backs. The T-2008NL and T-1960NL feature dual EPDM O-rings sealing the stem, a zinc plated steel handle and is constructed of binary brass. The binary brass meets all no lead requirements as well as possess properties for excellent dezincification resistance. All valves are third party certified by IAMPO (No Lead) ANSI/NSF 61 G and (DZR) ANSI/NSF 14.

The comprehensive selection of PEX ball valves are available in various configurations and sizes that include models T-806NL, T-805NL, T-2005NL, T-2006NL, T-2007NL, T-2008NL, & T-1960NL.

LegendPress™ P-200 and P-200NL Series Ball Valves

LegendPress™ press-to-connect valves include several configurations of ball valves and swing check valves with many more configurations to come in 2015. The P-200 Series of ball valves offers the same reliability you’ve come to expect from the T/S-1001, the preferred ball valve for thousands of contractors. The P-200 and P-200NL has the same proven VIton® O-ring stem design that eliminates the need for a packing gland and nut.

LegendPress™ ball valves are available constructed of traditional and no lead forged brass. The P-200 and P-200NL press sockets have greater depth for stabilizing the copper tube when pressing that assures a solid connection. The press sockets have two EPDM O-rings for added assurance that a seal is made when pressed.

LegendPress™ ball valves are available in the Press x Press configuration from 1/2” to 4”. It also available ½” to 2” sizes in Press x MNPT and Press x FNPT configurations, as well as ½” to 1-1/4” sizes in Press x Union. The Legend Press™ P-200NL Press x Press is available in sizes from ½” to 4”.

LegendPress™ P-451NL Series Check Valves

The LegendPress™ P-451NL No Lead Swing Check Valve is the first to integrate the press ends into the body of the valve. This uni-body design eliminates the more costly alternative of using MNPT x Press adapters in a threaded swing check valve, saving time, material cost and eliminating potential leak points. The Legend Press™ P-451NL Press x Press is available in sizes ½” to 2”.