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T-1960NL Cold Expansion PEX End No Lead & DZR Ball Valves 

Legend now offers more configurations and sizes of the T-1960NL Series of Cold Expansion PEX end Ball Valves, compliant to ASTM F 1960.

  • T-1960NL PEX x PEX ball valve from sizes ½” to 2” now available
  • T-1960NL PEX x MNPT ball valve from sizes ½” to 1”
  • T-1960NL PEX x PEX ball valve with drop ear and drain, sizes from ½” to 1”
  • 400 CWP, ANSI / NSF 61-G, and ANSI/NSF 14
  • UPC/IAPMO third party certified


¼ Turn Cold Expansion No Lead & DZR Supply Stop Valves

Models T-595NL, T-596NL, and T-597NL now include Cold Expansion PEX inlet configurations, compliant to ASTM F 1960. Forged brass body. T-595NL No lead forged brass angle supply stops with ½” PEX (F 1960) inlet x ¼” compression and 3/8” PEX (F 1960) inlet x ¼ compression. T-596NL No lead forged brass straight supply stops with ½” PEX (F 1960) inlet x ¼” compression and 3/8” PEX (F 1960) inlet x ¼ compression. T-597NL No lead forged brass dual outlet supply stops with ½” PEX (F 1960) inlet x 3/8” compression x ¼” compression and 1/2” PEX (F 1960) inlet x 3/8” compression x ¼ compression.

1/4 Turn Cold Expansion


New InstaLoc II™ Push Fit Fitting Models

The InstaLoc II™ fitting and valve product line has been further expanded to include a drop ear tee with a ball valve in ½” push fit x ½” push fit x 3/8” compression size. This model is already offered in ½” push fit x ½” push fit x ¼” compression. The new model configuration is the InstaLoc II tee with ball valve in sizes ½” push fit x ½” push fit x ¼” compression and ½” push fit x ½” push fit x 3/8” compression.

  • All Instaloc II valves and fittings are no lead and DZR forged brass
  • They are third party certified ANSI / NSF 61-G, ANSI / NSF 14, ASSE 1061
Insta-Loc Valve Fittings


 T-431YB Steam Angle Radiator Valve

The T-431YB model is yellow brass and now includes 1-1/2” and 2” sizes, completing the offering from ½” to 2”. The valve’s working steam pressure is 15.



 TM-550P1960 Multi-Turn Sillcock with Cold Expansion Inlet

The TM-550 series of multi-turn sillcocks are chrome plated traditional and no lead brass and each feature the Legend Softtouch™ handle. The assortment now includes ½” PEX (ASTM F 1960) inlet sillcocks, from 4” to 14” lengths.

  • Easy to grip, Softtouch™ handle is metal, coated with thermoplastic rubber (TPR) which is UV and weather resistant.
  • Easy to turn multi-turn for more precise flow control.
  • Heavy pattern design with lock shield, integrated vacuum breaker and chrome plated brass cap.
  • ASSE 1019, ANSI / NSF 61- G (NL versions), ANSI / NSF 14, and IAPMO third party certified.


T/S-541CFL Chrome-plated ¼ Turn Flanged Sillcock

The T/S-541CFL is a ball valve which is easy to actuate and has greater flow than the traditional multi-turn sillcock. Legend also offers the T/S-541FLG in rough brass. Sizes are ½” and ¾ solder and FNPT.
  • The full pattern body with the no angle hose end for hose attachment
  • The extend vinyl covered handle turns easy
  • The oversized sill flange with closed holes make it easier to mount the valve
  • Download Spec Sheet


T-6803NL Pressure Reducing Valves

The T-6803NL reduces incoming pressure to protect water distribution systems. It is preset at 50 psi; however, the outlet pressure can be adjusted from 25 to 75 psi. The two new models are the T-6803NL with a polycarbonate, glass reinforced resin bonnet and the T-6803NL with brass bonnet. Each are configured FNPT x FNPT, ½” to 1” sizes.

  • Third party certified ANSI / NSF 61G, Truesdail; ASSE 1003 Certified, IAPMO/ UPC Listed, and CSA B356 Certified
  • 200 CWP, working service temperature is 180° F


T-312 Wafer Check Valves

The T-312 Ductile Iron Body Wafer Check Valves newest model includes sizes 2” through 12” with stainless steel disc and ductile iron disc. This is an addition to the T-312 with bronze disc. The T-312 models are twin disc silent check valves with EPDM seats that install easily class 125/150 companion flanges.

  • Spring actuated
  • Rated 200 CWP, 200°F maximum temperature
  • Conform to ANSI B16.1 and API 594
  • Download Spec Sheet


P-2011 LegendPress™ Isolation Valve with Rotating Flange

The P-2011 with rotating flange has elongated flange holes is easier to install on both standard and high velocity pumps. The forged brass ball valve press fitting end presses onto copper tubing. The P-2011 is the newest model of a series of Legend isolation flanged ball valves, with and without purge and with and without rotating flange. Legend isolation valves are ideal for hydronic heating systems, allowing for pump maintenance without shutting down the system.

  • The P-2011 is configured Press x Flange, in sizes ¾” to 1-1/4”
  • The valve is 600 CWP and conforms to MSS-SP 80
  • Flange mounting bolt and nut set is included
  • Download Spec Sheet


Newest Models of Legend Water Service Fittings

To further supplement the existing water service fitting product line, Legend has introduced three additional configurations and/or sizes. Each are third party certified ANSI / NSF 372. The fittings are no lead bronze.

  • 200 CWP, ANSI / ASME B1.20.1, and conforms to AWWA C800
  • T-4300NL No Lead Bronze Pack Joint (CTS) x MNPT Coupling is now available in 1-1/4” x 1” size
  • T-4321NL No Lead Bronze Pack Joint Union is now configured PEP x PEP in 1” x ¾” size for installation onto PE pipe
  • T-5500LWNL No Lead Bronze Lock Wing Curb Stop Valve is a new configuration. The lock wing allows the valve to be secured. It is available in sizes ¾” to 2”
  • Download Spec Sheet (T-4300NL)
Water Service Fittings